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Time Well Spent: Fooling Around!

April 1st is almost here and some of our standard tried-and-true tricks are getting a little old with the kids so in preparation for Friday morning we found some of these fun and easy ideas to get our prank on!

Jelly Juice: This neat idea from wordplayhouse.com will have your kids sucking straws until their cheeks are sore.


Upside Down Day: After the kids are fast asleep on Thursday night, take a few minutes to go around your house and turn as many things as possible upside down (courtesy of kidsactivitiesblog.com).

upside down

Grapes Anyone: These would be great to pop in their lunchbox…although you’ll miss their reaction when they find out the chocolate has been swapped out for a grape!


Where am I?: Depending on the age of your children and if they are sound sleepers, the idea of swapping their beds could be pretty hilarious to wake up to!


Sunny Side Up: For any little friend egg fans, sever them this simple “egg” serendipityfromjewels.com using yogurt and a canned peach. Classic!


Gross!! C’mon we’ve all got kids, so it’s almost inevitable that we would include a fake poop related prank. Of course, we’re leaving the details up to you – put in on the toilet seat, eat it, let it drop out of your pants…whatever you choose to do with it will almost certainly get some good laughs.¬† Check out this link from WikiHow that shares 8 different ways to make Fake Poop and get a move on ūüėČ


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