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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Encourage Strong Literacy

Every parent knows that it is important for kids to read. Strong reading skills are necessary for kids to realize their potential. It also helps them expand their views and learn about the world. However, with all the other forms of entertainment available to kids today, it can be difficult to get them to read. Here are some ideas for ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Autumn Learning

I don’t know about you, but the fall might be my favourite season. The others have definite upsides, and I’m hard pressed to find a complaint about summer, but autumn exhilarates me in a way the other seasons don’t. It might be that the routine of a new school year every September until I turned 25 has become ingrained, giving ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: The Power of Literacy

The importance of reading is established, but we could talk all day about the research and data that supports this. Instead, I thought this topic could use a little humanization. After all, at the end of all those data points are individuals like you and me, dealing with their own versions of life’s ups and downs. So here is a ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Reading Everywhere

I’ve always been drawn to words.  When I was a child, I would read everything in sight.  At least, that’s how it feels when I look back.  I would read a random and eclectic assortment of objects inside and outside my home.  If it had words, I was interested. I’ve tried to remember as many of the odd and unexpected ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Literacy School

It’s family literacy week in Canada. At Halifax Learning we’ve worked for over a decade to promote and celebrate literacy in Nova Scotia, so a week dedicated to the magic of books and storytelling is dear to us. But what can we say about literacy that isn’t already being shouted from the rooftops of every library from here to Tofino? ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Report Card Changes

Are you tired of trying to navigate convoluted and impersonal language on your child’s report card?  You’re not alone. Last spring, parents, students, teachers, and administrators were invited to fill out questionnaires regarding their concerns and suggestions for the current report card system. As the result of almost 6,000 responses (89% of which were parents and teachers), the Department of ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: French Immersion

As an individual who works with a literacy program, I would guesstimate that half of my clients are English-only parents who have enrolled their children in French immersion and are panicking about how to give their child the support they need. I’m often a part of the “do we pull our child out of French” conversation. Frankly, I’ve even worked ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Getting Ready for Fall

The summer is sadly coming to a close, and it’s time to get ready for the upcoming school year. The transition from summer living to the formal school year can be a difficult challenge for families because of many variables at play. It means breaking into a new routine, letting go of the structure-free summer days, and students may have ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Teaching in the Backyard

Summer is in full swing, and the HRM has had some lovely weather! It’s definitely the time to soak up the sun! But why not take advantage of the warm temperatures and squeeze in some educational backyard activities? Your child is likely well into the summer slacking phase, but it’s important to keep their mind sharp during the two months ... Read More »

Lessons Learned: Teachers Gift Ideas

As the end of the school year approaches, it can be difficult to come up with great gift ideas for your child’s teacher. The days of giving a simple apple have passed! Teachers have a tough job, and an end-of-year present is a nice way to thank them for all their hard work. This year, give the teacher something they ... Read More »

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