Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Let’s Discover: Un-beelieve-able Balancers

Find your balance and explore the science of centres of gravity with this fun experiment featuring a homemade balancing toy! Materials: Jumbo craft stick Pipe cleaner Large washers, equal size/weight Optional Materials: paper clip, pom-poms, scissors, paper, tape or glue Procedure: First, try balancing the craft stick on your finger. You will find you need to put your finger in ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Sound Sandwiches

Kick the winter blues with these homemade musical instruments and the science of sound. Fun and simple to make, these noisemakers are a great way to explore the concept of sound as a vibration. Materials Drinking straw Two large craft sticks/tongue depressors Two small elastics One wide elastic Scissors Procedure Stretch the wide elastic around the length of a craft ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Can You Dig This?

She’s back! A T. rex Named Sue has returned to Halifax this winter. Starting January 23, the world’s largest, most complete and the best preserved T-rex fossil will be at the Discovery Centre. We have scientists called palaeontologists to thank for bringing Sue to “life”. Palaeontologists are people who study the evolution of life and learn about past environments and ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Light it Up!

It’s that time of year when some of us head to the woods with a saw (or to the tree lot), dust off our boxes of decorations and bring a Christmas tree to life. Arguably the most important trimming a beautiful Christmas tree are the twinkling Christmas lights. Have you ever broken one of the lightbulbs and had the whole ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Blue Skies & Sunsets

As we move further into the fall season, the sun sets earlier and earlier each night. But if you just can’t wait until evening for the yellow, orange, and red rays of our setting sun, this experiment’s for you! Gather up a few simple materials, dim the lights, and simulate a sunset in a jar, answering the classic question: “Why ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Automatic Art

Let your artistic side run (or jitter) free with this project exploring eccentric motion and simple circuits. We will be making a low-tech automatic art machine we call a scribble bot. Follow the instructions below to get started, but remember there is no right or wrong way to make a scribble bot. You can swap the cup for a berry ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: The Summer’s Best Meteor Shower

This week, don’t miss the summer’s most underrated blockbuster event. Admission is free, and the front row could be as close as your own backyard. The Perseid meteor shower is one of our most reliably flashy astronomical events, and this year promises to be a stunner. A Perseid meteor streaks over the ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile (ESO/S. Guisard) Every ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Thirsty Plants!

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool drink of water on a hot summer day. Plants need water just as much as we do, but they can’t exactly turn on a tap when they’re thirsty. So how do plants drink their fill? In this Let’s Discover experiment, we’re going to get to the root of the question, but to do ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Sediment Jar

Did you know every time it rains sediments are washed into our streams, rivers and lakes? The faster the water moves, the larger the amounts of sediments pulled down into the water stream. This process is the result of gravity! Gravity moves the water and the water mixes with soil and sediments. The sediment is composed of both living and ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Density Cake

Cooking is fun! And, it can be very educational; after all, every element of cooking and baking is scientific. In this month’s edition of Let’s Discover, you and your child will get to spend some fun time in the kitchen learning all about density. Density is basically how much “stuff” is smashed into a particular area…or a comparison between an ... Read More »

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