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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? Road Trip Fun

Ahhhhh Road Trips.  There’s nothing like a good road trip to bring the family together…or not! Multiple pee breaks, car sickness, back seat fights and more. No matter how far you’re going or who’s going with you, we hope these ideas will help make sure your next road trip is “time well spent” for everyone. Bingo – plan ahead for ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Where Will You Go

Where will you go?  What will you see? The best days are those with no plans and with nowhere to be.  There is something about just jumping in the car with the kids and exploring new roads.  Guessing where they lead is often the most fun.  Many of our greatest moments as a family were finding a road, turning left ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Safety First

Navigating thru the waters of parenting can be challenging at times.  So many opinions, so many rules, and all of us wanting to make sure we get it just right.  I always love the posts showing the throwback to “those were the days” when you could jump in the bed of your dad’s pickup truck, picking up your friends along ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Walkaway Program

You come to work one Wednesday morning after following your same morning routine. But it isn’t like every Wednesday morning because when you get to work, your boss asks to see you right away. It isn’t even 9AM yet. Then she and someone you’ve only heard of from human resources lays it on you – the company is downsizing your department, and you ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Guilty

Guilty. Yep, I am. I don’t need any reports, ads, or commercials to tell me I’m guilty. I just know it. What is this awful admission? Being a distracted driver. Yes, in my much, much, young days I’d find a coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other, circling the northwest arm driving my 5 speed, manual transmission, two door coupe. Looking as cool as one thinks ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Music Moves Us

We’re pleased to welcome back our “Are We There Yet?” blog with the fine folks at the O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth dealership to help us with the content.  This monthly blog feature is the perfect read for any parents who feell like they are always in the car – picking up, dropping off, road tripping or slugging groceries. Here’s the first ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Spring Maintaince Tips

Don't underestimate what spring weather can throw at you and your vehicle.  First sign of spring: robin or pothole? Either way, while you're probably glad to leave the thrills of winter driving behind, it's important not to overlook the fact that spring brings serious driving challenges of its own. Check out the tips below to get you and your vehicle ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Washing away Winter

It’s just about time to wash off those winter blahs…   Throughout the winter months our vehicles may have built up a collection of salt, sand or gravel. And, although these help to make wintery roads and sidewalks safer, if there’s a layer on you vehicle, it will encourage corrosion. Gravel, small stones, and jagged ice can cause chips in ... Read More »

Are We There Yet?: Planning a Family Road Trip

March Break is fast approaching and for anyone planning a road trip – here are some great tips for keeping the kids busy and entertained during the long drives. 1) Toy Box on Wheels – Let each kid bring their own knapsack to fill with whatever toys they want to bring on the trip. Look for clearance sets of crayons, ... Read More »

Are We There Yet? Christmas Tree Shopping

Whether you get your holiday evergreen from a local lot or a nearby tree farm, read on for a few tips on how to shop for and transport Santa’s favorite without becoming a road hazard or potentially damaging your vehicle. Before you leave the house, measure the height of the room where you plan to display the tree; it should ... Read More »