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Let’s Party

Let’s Party: Costume Ideas

Still need to pull together a costume for your little one? Here are some quick and easy ideas we found that might help give you some inspiration! What could be more perfect for a little Bluenoser on Halloween than a Fisherman costume? If you don’t have a child sized fishing rod then a branch and some string would work too! ... Read More »

Let’s Party: Ideas for All Kinds of Moms

We’re putting a local twist on Mother’s Day this year with a few last minute ideas to get all kinds of moms out enjoying this great city. Blow her Away with an appointment at Halifax’s first Blow Dry Bar, Urban 30.  Perfect for any mom who longs for more than 5 minutes of me-time in front of the mirror to ... Read More »

Let’s Party: School’s Out

Ditch the backpacks, put away the pencil cases and store the lunch boxes – school is almost out and the freedom of summer awaits! Sounds like the perfect reason to party! Whether you invite all the kids on the street, a few classmates or just your family it’s time to celebrate your child's hard work. Just be sure to keep ... Read More »

Let’s Party: Fast and Easy Snacks

Trying to decide what food to serve at your child's birthday party? Why not fill their bellies with a selection of fun and easy snacks. No themes, nothing too fancy or time-consuming, just healthy food served up in a fun way. They are sure to be a hit, and will hel you avoid throwing out lots of half-eaten pizza! Pop!  ... Read More »

Let’s Party: Slither on Over!

It seems appropriate to post this reptilian party when Little Ray's Reptile Zoo is in town for the weekend . While the zoo isn't here in Halifax all year round, some of their slithery friends are always available for birthday parties in the HRM. My reptile loving son was delighted at the idea of a SNAKE BIRTHDAY!!! even if nobody ... Read More »

Let’s Party: Painting

"Let's Paint! " my daughter cheered as the plan for her 5th birthday a few weeks ago. She's always been a big fan of the Clay Café so it was a pretty easy choice to have it there, despite all the fun ideas I had for hosting it at home. Making the invitations was a family affair.  We all had ... Read More »

Let’s Party: Red, Red, Red

My youngest daughter just celebrated her 3rd birthday and it was one of the easiest parties we’ve had so far.  We offered up lots of ideas – a princess theme, a Dora party, tea party, barbie, teddy bear picnic the list goes on.  She said no to all of it.  Instead, she asked for a “red” party.  Red, red, red…was ... Read More »

Let’s Party: Halloween

We love any kind of party, but who’s kidding who…a Halloween party is among the most fun!  Planning, decorating and preparing are just as exciting as the costumes and party time.   There are so many great sites and resources for ideas, recipes and décor that’s it’s almost overwhelming to know where to start.  Fear no more – thanks to the ... Read More »

Let’s Party: A Wee Wedding

Before you read this, I want you to know I’m definitely not one of those crazy party mamas that you see on TLC. In fact, I pushed hard for this to be a straight up princess party or even a fancy tea party….but clearly lost out on that.   So…just in case I’m not the only one with a little diva ... Read More »

Let’s Party: Back-to-School Bash

The countdown is on but don’t let the celebration of summer end just because school is starting.  Here are some tips and ideas for hosting your own back-to-school bash:   What’s a party without cake?  Watch this video for step-by-step instructions for a really cute and easy school bus cake.     This is a really cool idea for a ... Read More »