Monday, January 17, 2022
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Bookworm: Scary Reads

    Special thanks to Halifax Learning staff member, Brittany Curran for this great selection of scary Halloween books for kids of all ages!   Witches by Road Dahl Set in both the U.K. and Norway, Witches is the story of a young boy and his Norwegian grandmother, who warns him about crafty, cruel women plotting to get rid of ... Read More »

Bookworm: Making Friends

  When I first started thinking about the book selections for this month’s Bookworm post, I was planning on doing a spring theme. But as I looked through different books, I quickly changed my mind. Although it’s more obvious in some cases than others, there’s an important theme woven into the stories of many children’s books: friendship. This month’s post ... Read More »

Bookworm: Reading wth Reptiles

From skating and sledding to art camps and puppet shows, there was plenty to do in Halifax this March break. But if our visit to the Discovery Centre was any indication, thousands of kids spent their break exploring our city’s museums. Right now, one of Halifax’s most popular exhibits seems to be the Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo presentation at the ... Read More »

Bookworm: Now We’re Going Places

  Family vacations are always an adventure. From sibling squabbles to missed flights and exits, travel with kids is rarely drama-free. But making one quick pre-vacation trip to the library or bookstore could make all the difference. Bring a good selection of books along and you just might find yourself with quietly distracted kids, giving you a rare opportunity to ... Read More »

Bookworm: Books for Breakfast

  Those of us who have more than one child are often amazed when we reflect on how different our children are. My 14 month old loves food. He’ll eat almost anything—green beans, peas and the occasional poutine (admittedly, more of the poutine ended up in his hair than in his tummy). Not much goes to waste—he’s even got a ... Read More »

Bookworm: Settling Down for a long Winter’s Nap

by guest blogger, Sarah Sawler In Halifax the holiday season doesn’t really begin until we’ve begun our community celebrations. Depending on where you live, many families have their own traditional holiday kick-off, whether it’s the Parade of Lights, Christmas in the Bay, The Light Up Bedford Parade or the Dartmouth Christmas Tree Lighting. After some very successful turnouts for all ... Read More »

Bookworm: Books about Books

by guest blogger, Sarah Sawler     From entertainment to education, books play a huge part in our lives. They preserve our histories and traditions for future generations, they challenge us to rethink things that we thought we knew and they take us places that we’ve never been. This month’s post celebrates all that books have to offer by featuring ... Read More »

Bookworm: Spooktacular Stories

by guest blogger, Sarah Sawler Back to school is officially come and gone, the leaves will soon be changing colours and apple-picking season is almost upon us. There’s so much for kids to do in the fall in Nova Scotia—it’s almost hard to choose. Whether you’ve just spent an afternoon at the Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival or you’ve passed an ... Read More »

Bookworm: Back to Basics

by guest blogger, Sarah Sawler Despite the unrelenting heat, the new school year is quickly creeping up us. Carefree summer days and up-past-your-bedtime nights will soon be replaced by days of more structured discovery. With the first day of school looming ahead of us, it’s time to adjust. What better way to ease your kids back into routine than by ... Read More »

Bookworm: Why so serious?

  We're at it again!  Welcome to Bookworm – our new monthly blog featuring all kinds of book reviews. We'll cover oldies but goodies, new releases, picture books, chapter books, lots of different themes and so much more.  Reading is so important and we hope this blog can help you find books that are just right for your kids. Our ... Read More »