Monday, December 6, 2021
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It’s that holiday hustle…

The holidays in Halifax keep on hustling and we have week 3 of our 2021 guide to the highlights of the holiday season!  1. Hanging out in the Hydrostone Friday night is fine by us! Celebrate the Annual Hydrostone Tree Lighting at 5:30 with refreshments, music and, of course, Santa! Purchase raffle tickets on site for a chance to win a gift ... Read More »

Let’s light up the weekend!

Feel that holiday twinkle this weekend, people! Light up your world, get crafty and shop-y and even meet Santa if you’re lucky… 1. Meet up at Dewolf Park this Sunday at 5:45 for the Light Up Bedford Parade! This special tradition for many families in Bedford and surrounding communities brings the community together for a festive evening to jumpstart the holidays ... Read More »

Weekend To-Do List: a Christmas craft fair, a movie, a haunted house & burgers!

1. Do you smell that in the air? It’s like the smell of fall, but with more of a jingle and a sparkle…a faint whiff of… Christmas! The Dartmouth Handcrafters Guild is hosting their 47th annual event, Christmas Craft Festival where a massive variety of crafts dazzle festival-goers. A fantastic opportunity for makers to gather and discuss all their crafty ideas, the ... Read More »

But Mommm: The Sleepover

I heard the pitter-patter of feet the second I turned out the lights. It was quickly followed by muffled giggles from under a blanket and little voices saying, “shhhhhh” as they laughed, thinking they were pulling one over on me. The hilarious truth is that I was lying on a pull-out couch in the same room about eight feet away ... Read More »

But Mommm: Goodbye

Sitting on the doorstep I looked out on our lawn and driveway and saw my last eight years in one quick snapshot. Our crib was leaning up against a tree. The jogging stroller and bike trailer were parked on the lawn. Little Tikes gear littered the driveway – a car, a wagon, a water table, a climber and a desk. ... Read More »

But Mommm: Impact

A lot of things have changed for me since I became a parent. Sure there are the obvious things – how I spend my time, where I spend my money and my definition of what is truly important in life. Although you’re never fully prepared for this stuff when you have a baby, you definitely expect it. These are the ... Read More »

But Mommm: Over-Analysis

There are times when I just have to laugh at the conversations that go on inside my head. Our oldest daughter had a swim meet in Lunenburg yesterday and my husband took her while I stayed home with our two youngest. I had some laundry to do and one quick errand to run but told myself that we were going ... Read More »

But Mommm: Forty

It’s a big week for me – in a few days I’ll be hitting my next decade and turning 40. Truthfully, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about this milestone birthday. Saying it definitely feels strange. Looking at the number on paper seems weird. Thinking about it seems unbelievable. But when it comes to how I’m ... Read More »

But Mommm: Pause

Last Friday I passed a pregnant woman walking through the pedway. Her perfectly round belly told me she was pretty close to her due date and I couldn’t help but notice how happy and content she looked. She was walking with a smile on her face in a nice summer dress with a little sweater on top. We smiled at ... Read More »

But Mommm: Full Circle

“Mom, did some police officers die?” Her question caught me off-guard as I rummaged through my purse. I looked up at the same time as another woman sitting in the waiting area at the hair salon did. I could feel both sets of eyes – my daughter’s and the woman’s – fixed on me as I opened my mouth to ... Read More »