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But Mommm: Rocks In My Purse


by Sarah W of Urban Parent

Like most Mondays, I spent the morning avoiding my actual work and instead focused on checking a bunch of little things off my ever-growing list of things to do. I filled out school permission slips, paid a bill, booked dental appointments, looked up summer camps, called my mother…the usual stuff.

As I went to retrieve a receipt from my purse, I realized it was long-overdue for a purge. With two daughters and a husband, it has become more of a communal purse that tends to fill up pretty quick with lots of things that aren’t even mine. Markers, gum wrappers, my husband’s extra keys, a granola bar, my daughter’s socks and more. You get the picture.

Every time I clean it out, I vow that I won’t let it get this bad again. Ha, as if.

This morning was different, though. Instead of my usual irritation for not being able to even have my own purse to myself, I was flooded with emotions that left me in tears. There, among the old grocery lists and hair elastics, in the little pocket meant for my business cards, was a lovely collection of little grey rocks.

Yes, rocks. Rocks that made me cry.

Ok, I know how that sounds…I better back-up a little so it all makes sense.


My oldest daughter is 9 years old and over the last few months, I feel like she’s starting to lose interest in the “little girl” things she once loved. Her American Girl doll, which she played with on a near daily basis, hasn’t been touched in weeks.

We used to call her a face painting junkie but over March Break, she opted out of the fun. She used to want us to stay with her on the school ground until the bell rang but lately she takes off with her friends.

It’s all part of growing up; I know that. I guess I’m just not ready for it. I probably never will be, and after today, maybe I don’t have to just yet.

In addition to her long-time love of dolls and face paint was a fascination with rocks. She used to pick them up anywhere we went – beaches, parks, playgrounds. I used to find them in her pockets and backpack. She would keep little collections of them in her room and around our house. It was so cute and I always had a laugh when I would discover them.

The funny thing is, I hadn’t realized that had stopped until today. Today, when I found those little rocks from our visit to the park last week. Little grey rocks. Not the fanciest ones she’s found but enough to make realize that, although she may be growing up – she’s still my little girl.

Sarah Williams has two young daugthers, one husband, a laundry pile that’s bigger than her to-do list and a guilty pleasure stash of red licorice to keep her happy and sane.

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