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Time Well Spent: Fooling Around!

April 1st is almost here and some of our standard tried-and-true tricks are getting a little old with the kids so in preparation for Friday morning we found some of these fun and easy ideas to get our prank on!

Jelly Juice: This neat idea from will have your kids sucking straws until their cheeks are sore.


Upside Down Day: After the kids are fast asleep on Thursday night, take a few minutes to go around your house and turn as many things as possible upside down (courtesy of

upside down

Grapes Anyone: These would be great to pop in their lunchbox…although you’ll miss their reaction when they find out the chocolate has been swapped out for a grape!


Where am I?: Depending on the age of your children and if they are sound sleepers, the idea of swapping their beds could be pretty hilarious to wake up to!


Sunny Side Up: For any little friend egg fans, sever them this simple “egg” using yogurt and a canned peach. Classic!


Gross!! C’mon we’ve all got kids, so it’s almost inevitable that we would include a fake poop related prank. Of course, we’re leaving the details up to you – put in on the toilet seat, eat it, let it drop out of your pants…whatever you choose to do with it will almost certainly get some good laughs.  Check out this link from WikiHow that shares 8 different ways to make Fake Poop and get a move on 😉


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