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Time Well Spent: Be a Fool

Bring on the laughter this April Fool’s with a few fun pranks the whole family will enjoy. If it’s fun and brings you all together for a laugh – it’s Time Well Spent in our books.

Got Milk? – sneak a few drops of food colouring into your milk carton to give the kids an unexpected surprise when they go to pour a glass of the not-so-white stuff!

Bowl of Fun – hide some food colouring drops under dry cereal in your child’s bowl and watch them pour the milk on for an early morning gag.

Pop the Seat – place pieces of bubble wrap under the toilet seat for a quite a surprising pop.

Big Whoop – bring out a good old fashioned Whoopee Cushion…need we say more? (fyi – the Dollarstore sells them)

Cereal Swap – mix and match the bags inside your cereal boxes to really throw them for a (fruit) loop.

Roll of Cash – unroll the toilet paper a little, tape in a five dollar bill and roll it back up for the lucky victim to unveil.

Sun-Maid Toothpaste – Push a raisin or two into the top of the toothpaste tube so the first one to clean the teeth gets a little something extra on their brush.

Toilet Treat – bring on the groans by smearing a bit of melted chocolate on a scrunched up piece of toilet paper and leaving it on the floor by the toilet for everyone to find.

Hope these help add some fun to the day!

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