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Time Well Spent: A Scavenger Walk

Need a fun way to get kids motivated to go for a walk around the neighbour or hike in the park? Try turning it into a scavenger walk by giving them a list of items to spot along the way. Create the list depending on where you are walking – 4 pinecones, 2 ducks, and a fallen tree for a park themed walk, 3 red cars, a basketball net and a blue mailbox for a walk around your neighbourhood. You get the idea.


The kids will have so much fun tracking down all the things on the list that they’ll forget they are doing so much walking. I started this with my girls back in the winter (finding different coloured Christmas lights, wreaths, snowmen etc) and now they can’t wait to do it. We even bought clipboard at the dollar store to make it more official.

Just a few weeks ago, I gave them a long list and we ended up walking around our neighbourhood for well over an hour. Give it a try and remember, the harder the items the longer the walk ūüėČ


Sarah Williams has two daughters, one husband, a laundry pile that’s bigger than her to-do list and a guilty pleasure stash of red licorice to keep her happy and sane.

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