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Time Well Spent: A Day Downtown

Cottage, camping, road trips and more.  With so many things taking us out of the city these days, we thought we should dedicate a few blog posts to all things local.  Here's how the folks at Uncommon Kids would spend a "day downtown".  


A beautiful day in Halifax needs to be taken advantage of.  Unfortunately, shopping schedules don’t always coincide with a day you’d prefer to do nothing but spend outside with the kids. So why not do both? Downtown Halifax is fortunate to have most things you could need within an exciting and scenic walking distance. Our downtown is robust with a wonderful mix of locally owned businesses and services eager to make your day special. A day out in the downtown can provide you with not only quality shopping and services, but also an opportunity to teach the value of shopping locally to your children and how fun it really can be.  


Of course, a successful and fun day always needs a good start. A Fog burner from your closest Uncommon Grounds accompanied by a freshly baked cinnamon roll or scrumptious frittata will do the trick. While you are filling up on your first taste of a beautiful morning, both the public gardens and South Park UG locations have a great space for children to unwind and enjoy classic toys and books from Uncommon Kids. If your nice day out happens to fall on a Tuesday or Thursday be sure to head to Public Gardens for 10:30am, when your kids can enjoy story time. If not, take advantage of one of the many nearby parks for a morning play.

Now that you have full bellies and stimulated minds, time to get that shopping started. To give the kids something to look forward to, a promised stop at Uncommon kids and Woozles, will keep the spirits high. Both stores will provide you with the absolute best in children's toys and books. With a great selection of unique and quality children’s products, Uncommon Kid’s staff is eager to help with your selections. They offer great services, such as free gift wrapping, and a vast array of items your children can play with while you shop. Sounds like a distraction-free shopping trip? It gets better, They’ll even help you with getting your kids to leave.

Real hot day? Pick up a couple of water balloons for the cost of a 50 cent donation to The Arthritis Society and throw off some steam while you walk to your next destination.

Turning grocery shopping into fun since 2010: the Seaport Market! A roof with a great view, samples, and crafts make your next usually dull task an absolute blast. Consider introducing yourself and your children to the vendors and encourage the kids to ask questions to find out what's in season or their growing and harvesting practices.

Next on the list: Have an adults birthday present to find? Carbonstok is only a quick walk away and will help you find a product that is clever, fun, and timeless. From locally thought of kitchen products to all natural art supplies, there is an endless selection of toys for adults here. They are also only minutes away from Spring Garden and the downtown core where you can find a local business for anything remaining on your shopping list.

At this point you’ll likely have worked up an appetite. Pick up an “I love local” pamphlet from any of the above mentioned businesses and choose from a great selection of restaurants providing fresh and local menu options. Most are located within walking distance and only a stones throw away from Sugah or Rum Runners where you can end the day with a delicious and well deserved treat on the Halifax boardwalk.

So when you want to take advantage of a beautiful day but shopping is getting in the way, remember what the downtown has to offer. Look for  “I love HFX local” window stickers, or just ask who owns the company, it could be your neighbour. Be sure to check out any of the I love local twitter accounts where amazing businesses are announcing daily deals and events and are committed to making each day different and exciting for you, your family, and the community.


What are your favourite local spots?  Post them below or on our Facebook page so we can include them in the next local themed "Time Well Spent" blog post.