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Let’s Decorate: Inspiring Walls

I’ve been working on a lot of kid spaces lately – playrooms and kids bedrooms – and one thing that keeps re-occurring is the need to have creative outlets for the children. They all need a great way to let the artist loose. I do have some great ideas that I usually incorporate in different ways, but I have a new one that I’m excited to use. Instead of just giving them an easel and some paper, what about this – a huge white board! It’s called Idea Paint and I have to share, because it is so cool! Idea Paint is a paint that when dry, becomes a whiteboard on your wall. 
Typically, writing on the walls is forbidden, so when the kids have this space that they’re allowed to doodle, draw, create, right on the walls, it’s pretty fun for them.  I just had this painted on a wall in my home office (another amazing use for it) and my girls are having a ball leaving me artistic creations. When they first were allowed to write on the wall, they kept giving me that little questioning look that said, “Mama, have you lost your mind? Are we really allowed to write all over the wall?” They had so much fun and were giggling with excitement.   Here’s why I love this stuff:
1) It’s NOT messy! This is my number one reason for being in love with this product. I do love chalkboard paint, but if you have a big space and the kids love to use it often, the dust and mess can be too much. Because of this, I tend to use it sparingly. Idea Paint is so clean, you just wipe it away and you’re done the clean up.
2) You paint the whole wall and get a command central. You don’t have to, you could just paint a section, but the beauty of painting the whole wall is that the kids get to create on the lower half and the top section that they can’t reach so well is for you…command central! To do list, grocery list, appointments, etc. I’m a visual person and love having all this info in front of me at a glance, so this is a huge plus!
3) Creativity. This is the ultimate in fostering creativity in kids. Children have the most amazing creative minds and seem to be so inspired on a daily basis. I know my girls must give me at minimum 5 special drawings every day. Their imaginations are endless and it’s certainly something that I like to encourage. This is such a great tool to do that.
Let me know what you think of Idea Paint and want more info on how to get it for your home. Would you use it? Do you love this as much as I do? In the mean time, the girls and I will be creating on our wall!
Wendy Monaghan, Interior Decorator and owner of Link Interiors, creates homes where life and style co-exist with flair.   She believes that a functional space allows families to have more quality time together and that children and all of their stuff can live in a beautiful home. She is the mother of 2 fabulous HRM girls, aged 7 & 5. For more information, to see room designs or to contact Wendy, visit her website,

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