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Let’s Decorate: For Your Guests

by guest blogger, Wendy Monaghan
Stores are in full tilt pulling out all their most dazzling Christmas and holiday decorations to get us all in the mood. Well, it’s working.  I’ve officially bought 4 Christmas gifts already, a task that I usually don’t start until after Halloween. For most of us Maritimers, Christmas not only means getting the house ready for all the lovely decorations, but getting it ready for our lovely guests. It’s a time of year when there are more family and friends staying over than usual and we want them to feel welcomed and special. Getting a guest room ready doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking, but here are some elements to include that will surely make them feel glad they came to visit.
  • When thinking of guest room decor in general, think luxury. This is someone’s vacation after all, so make it special. A soothing colour scheme and wonderful linens are the first step to a luxurious room. Make sure to have wonderful cotton sheets, extra blankets, fluffy pillows – 2 per person, and bring out the “good” towels.   Add an extra special touch by tying a ribbon around a stack of towels.
  • If you use this closet for extra storage most of the time, clear it out before your guests arrive. Leave lots of closet space with enough hangers, as well as empty drawers. Let them settle in and enjoy the holidays. I also like to hang a full length mirror on the inside of the closet door for important wardrobe checks.
  • Have a basket of little extras – a little spa basket. Include things like toiletries that may have been forgotten at home, slippers, chocolates, bottles of water. It’s easy to assemble and will be much appreciated.Lay out books and magazines on the bedside table that suit your guest’s interests. You can simply gather these from around your home. It’s so simple, but very thoughtful. If you have guests coming from out of province, or visiting from another country, why not include some brochures, books, or a list that you’ve made your self of sites to see and places to visit. Also, make sure that there is a lamp on each side of the bed, so both people will have enough light for reading.

  • Add the last special touch: some flowers or seasonal clippings from your yard, and a hand written note welcoming them to your home. Nothing could make a guest more comfortable than truly knowing that you are glad they’re there.
Wendy Monaghan, Interior Decorator and owner of Link Interiors, creates homes where life and style co-exist with flair.   She believes that a functional space allows families to have more quality time together and that children and all of their stuff can live in a beautiful home. She is the mother of 2 fabulous HRM girls, aged 8 & 5. For more information or to contact Wendy, visit her website,

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