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Let’s Decorate: Easy Playroom Makeover

My playroom needs some serious sprucing up. Last year we finished our basement. When we began, it was only concrete – not even studs – and so in the end, we got a big new family room area and my girls were left with a huge room that is entirely their playroom, nothing else. Since the space used to be the family room / playroom, it was a bit more sophisticated, but now I think it’s about time to make it more fun and girly. I’m not talking about a full makeover; I spent all our money on the basement after all, so this needs to be an update with paint, accessories and small elements. The girls are 6(almost) and 8, so I also want this to be something that they’re involved in and feel that they’ve done much of themselves. My plan is this:
I have a khaki green sofa that has to last for 2 more years – until I’m confident that there will be no more marker accidents and until my littlest learns how to use a paper towel with EVERY snack! So that’s where my colour pallet starts. I’ve found this amazing pillow from Crate & Barrel as my inspiration for the room, great colours that will flow with the rest of my house, still fun and bright and works with the khaki.
New paint – I’m going for white, a perfect backdrop for art. I’m going to use Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65. I’m also going to add a fun accent wall in Benjamin Moore Jet Blue CC-870. 
New curtains – I now have burgundy faux silk – not a 6 year olds idea of fun! We need something ready-made so it’s not too expensive, I’m thinking a white background with colour throughout.
Bright toss cushions on the couch. I imagine these changing fairly regularly, as my goal is to teach my youngest daughter how to sew, and let my oldest get more practice. We’ll go shopping for some fabric remnants and then I’m handing this part over to them…with supervision!
Art – this is going to be the main change. We currently have art that’s more suited for adult areas; these can now move to the new basement. What I want are pieces that the girls make and fun family photos. In addition to some canvases that my oldest daughter will paint with her new acrylics, here are a couple of crayon art pieces that I’d like to incorporate:
– Pencil crayon starburst – I’ll add a mirror in the back – a take on the more grown-up starburst mirror often seen in interiors.
– Melting crayon art – my youngest daughter will have a blast doing this. She can paint the words first, and then melt the crayons. It’ll be a fun project.
Well, I’m sure these few things will take me a few weeks (or longer) to pull together, but now that I have an easy, affordable plan, there’s nothing stopping me! Let me know if you have some makeovers in the works at your house…I’d love to share kiddie DIY ideas.
Wendy Monaghan, Interior Decorator and owner of Link Interiors, creates homes where life and style co-exist with flair.   She believes that a functional space allows families to have more quality time together and that children and all of their stuff can live in a beautiful home. She is the mother of 2 fabulous HRM girls, aged 8 & 5. For more information or to contact Wendy, visit her website,

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