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Let’s Decorate: Coffee Table Solutions

by guest blogger, Wendy Monaghan

I'm sure you've heard of the saying, "cluttered life, cluttered mind".  Well, in day to day family life, and in the family room it could be "cluttered coffee table, cluttered mind".  The coffee table seems to be one of the hot spots in the house for everyone's random stuff to get dumped.  I like the coffee table to be beautiful and organized.  Around my house, it's an ongoing work in progress, as I have two adorable little girls always at my side, often creating their own idea of organization, but they love helping and get a great sense of pride when we work together to make the house beautiful and functional together. 

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to gathering the family's coffee table clutter and make it look beautiful and organized:

Trays – Trays are a decorator's secret weapon!  When items are gathered together in a tray, they instantly become more organized and serene.  The key is creating groups in the tray that are beautiful while using the items that are practical for your family.  Stack the books that you use all the time, why not stack some magazines and everyone's current read or some really great looking board books?  Add in a couple of beautiful accessories that are appropriate for your family.  If your kids are 2 and 5, your beautiful crystal vase is not the best option, but a small wooden sculpture or bowl is great.  Of course the remotes always have a special spot on the coffee table tray.  If you're having company and want to make it extra-special, or just like to do it for you and your family on a regular basis, add a vase of flowers.

Boxes – I don't know about you, but I have crafty kids – and everything or anything is a craft.  There is always a craft in progress that inevitably needs to be finished "later".  Use beautiful boxes to gather all of the supplies of the craft so that it looks great on the coffee table till he or she is inspired to create again.  Why not give each child their own box?  Mix up the colours to co-ordinate with your decor.  Write his or her name on the inside cover of the box to avoid any disagreements about who owns the box or craft when they come back to it!

Grouping – bring collections or groups of thing together to make a great display.  A group of items that have something in common instantly looks pulled together and well planned.  What a group of vessels for an eclectic look?  Materials could vary, it's the fact that they are all holding something that will tie it together – and it's a beautiful way to stash all the kiddie bits and pieces.  Get creative and see what grouping your family could create.

I'd love to see how you create your own beautiful and organized coffee table!  If you'd like to share, send pictures to


Wendy Monaghan, Interior Decorator and owner of Link Interiors, creates homes where life and style co-exist with flair.   She believes that a functional space allows families to have more quality time together and that children and all of their stuff can live in a beautiful home.  She is the mother of 2 fabulous HRM girls, aged 7 & 5.  For more information or to contact Wendy, visit her website,

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