Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Let’s Create: Rain Rain Go Away


How nice was that tiny glimpse of sunshine we saw yesterday?  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to close up the umbrella for long, so let's try embracing the rain with these fun and easy water projects.


Evaporation – using two of the same jars, fill each with equal amounts of water.   Use a marker or piece of masking tape to mark the water level on each jar.  Place a lid on one of the jars and place them both on a windowsill or other sunny spot. Check it after a few days to see what’s happened.  (hint – the open jar should have less water in it!)


 Make Music – this one will take you back to your grade school science fair for sure. Thanks to the Family Fun website for providing the exact measurements to create a major scale for playing all your favorite songs.


 Measure It – wanna know just how much rain is falling out there?  Gather up some basic household materials and follow these easy steps to make your own rain gauge.


True or False? – do you know how long the human body can go without water or what the longest river on earth is?  Have a little fun with the family to see how everyone scores on this water quiz.  Good Luck! 

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