Let’s Create: For the Birds

These quick and easy home made bird feeders will keep the kids busy and our fine feathered friends full.


– String or yarn

– Cheerios

– Peanut Butter

– Pine Cones

– Birdseed


Ring of Cheer:  Even the smallest of hands can have fun stringing Cheerios.

Cut a piece of string to the desired length and let the kids load it up.

Leave enough string at either end to tie it in a knot. Be sure to hang it on a branch sturdy enough for the birds to perch on and enjoy their treat.  


Crunchy Cone: A little more work (and mess) required with this one!


Cut a long piece of string and tie the end together around the top section of a pine cone. 

Use a knife or rubber spatula to spread peanut butter over the individual sections and bottom of the pine cone. 

Roll pine cone in birdseed to fully cover. 

Hang it on a tree branch and watch for the feeding frenzy to begin! 


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