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I’m Hungry: 5 meals with 5 ingredients

What's that you say…5 meals with 5 ingredients or less?  This may be one of our favourite "I'm Hungry" blog posts yet!

That's right, we've searched the internet to find easy main dishes using only a few ingredients.  Pair any of them up with your favourite veggie side dishes and you'll have dinner on the table in no time.


1. For a great meatless option, check out Rachel Ray's Spinach Ricotta Pie .  So light and fluffy but oh so filling, especially with the added artichokes – yum!


2. This fake and bake chicken from looks, too good not to try, especially if it can replace a visit to the drive thru.


3. We found these Salsa Meat Loaves on the site as well – no sharing here as the kids will love having their own little loaf.


4. Orange juice concentrate is the secret ingredient in this White Bean and Orange Glazed Sausage dish from the Kitchen Daily website.


5. This Flax Crusted Salmon from Ingredients Inc is beyond yummy and something my kids always request seconds of.  (I use the local Omega Crunch flax product – available at the Seaport Market)

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