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Look out! There’s a great weekend ahead!

It’s a vintage shoppin’, beekeepin’, neat repeatin’, street partyin’ kinda weekend, Urban Parents!

1. More for moms, but who doesn’t love a great vintage find! Practically Everything Vintage Market, Old Farmhouse Creations, and LilyPond Vintage have teamed up to bring you the 3rd Annual Outdoor Vintage Market in Enfield on Saturday at 9. There’s a little of everything— vintage finds, antiques, reclaimed gems salvaged by local artisans, and more. Admission is $2 at 449 Highway #2 (private residence).

2. Save the bees! We’re heading west this Saturday to The Avon River Shipyard in Newport, NS for the 2021 Honey Harvest Festival. The festival came about to promote and support local beekeepers and businesses while and educating the public about beekeeping practices and products. 

3. Neat Repeats Consignment is hosting a Spring/Summer Sale on a load of children’s items including nearly new clothes, books, games, toys and so much more. Why pay full price when you can get it here for way less. There’s also a selection of maternity clothes and a pre-sale for new parents. Admission is $2 from 9-1, New Parents Pre-Sale (8:15-9) $5 located at 2556 Larry Uteck Blvd.

4. Agricola Open Street Sunday! From noon to 6, come take over the street with us! This fun event is closed to cars from Cunard St. to Almon St. Lots of music, kids fun and other activities will make this a great family friendly event for North End Halifax.

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