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Get Active: Live it Everyday!

Most of us know that physical activity is good for our body, mind and spirit. We understand that participating in recreational activities will likely lead to a healthier lifestyle and will help contribute to healthier communities. Yet over half of us are not physically active enough to enjoy the subsequent health benefits that come with moving more.

We spend more time sitting at work, in cars, and in front of computers. We drive short distances when it would take just as long to walk. We take the elevator up one floor instead of taking the stairs because it's easier.

Fewer kids walk or bike to school. They want to watch TV before dinner or play video games, they don't want to play outside, go to the park or ride their bikes as much as we did when we were kids (or we like to think that at least).



June is Recreation Month in Nova Scotia and the theme, Live It Everyday, is very purposeful. It is meant to drive home the message of how important it is for all of us, regardless of ability or age, to participate in some form of recreational activity each and every day.

And recreation doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym, going for a run, lifting weights or doing a workout DVD at home. Recreation means something different to every single person. For you, it may conjure up an image of playing tennis. For your neighbour, it may mean shooting hoops. For your kids, it could be all about playing on the swings with their friends. Activities of all kinds fit the bill, as long as you are physically moving. Your only limitations come down to your imagination and your willingness to get off your butt and participate.

So, in the spirit of Recreation Month, we implore you to enthusiastically apply this theme to you and your family's life and do something active together every single day for the rest of June.

Need a few ideas? Try some of these on for size:

-Take the family to the playground
-Round up some neighbourhood kids for a street hockey game
-Play catch or Frisbee in the backyard
-Skip rocks at the beach in Point Pleasant Park
-Climb the stairs at Citadel Hill (and then roll down the hill on the other side)
-Play hopscotch on the sidewalk
-Take the kids bowling or to a local pool for a swim
-Check out the flowers (and the ducks) at the Public Gardens
-Fly a kite
-Go for a bike ride
-Build a couch fort using your cushions, blankets, coffee table and chairs

Leave us a comment below and tell us how you and your family are going to try to Live It Everyday?


Dalplex, Dalhousie University's main fitness and recreation facility, has been proudly serving the community for over 30 years, offering a wide variety of fitness, wellness and recreation programs and classes for adults, children, youth and seniors.  Visit their website or follow them on facebook.

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