East Coast Kite Festival


Sat August 20 - Sun August 21    
10:30 am - 7:00 pm


Garrison Grounds Citadel Hill
2425 Sackville St , Halifax
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Come and Enjoy Fifth annual kite festival at Citadel Hill on August 20 & 21. It’s a Non-alcoholic, Family and Kids friendly event with FREE ENTRY..!!..
*Please be aware of the scammers if someone tries to sell tickets for this event*
Come and enjoy your weekend with kites at Citadel Hill.
What to Expect at the event :
– Display of big inflatable & small kites over two days by Atlantic Kite Festival Society volunteers and kite fliers.
– Food trucks and Food Vendors.
– We will be bringing back Bouncing castles for the kids this year.
– Kite Crafts Workshops.
– Kite Flying Lessons
– Over 50 types of kites for purchase or rent to fly. Our smallest kite is 24*24cm and biggest kite has 50 feet of diameter.
– Come and see various kites like Ring, Frog, Panda, Bear, Octopus, Jellyfish, Cat, Tiger, Flower, Duck, Gold Fish, Whale, Heart, Turtle, Rainbow and many more.