Thursday, December 9, 2021
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A Dad’s Life: Top Ten

Top ten tips on surviving the lead up to the holidays…Daddy style.

1. Get the lights up when your wife is not looking
2. Check and double check the batteries in the camera
3. Duct tape fixes everything
4. Just keep saying “yes honey, the gold balls are beautiful”
5. Buy everything online, unless you enjoy going to the mall
6. It may hurt, but putting beer in the water for the Christmas tree does help
7. Eggnog isn’t a breakfast food for the kids
8. Stock up on whatever your father-in-law likes…you’ll hear it if you’re out of something
9. Never suggest the summer family photo for the Christmas card
10. No matter how hungry you get, don’t steal candy from the advent calendar

Happy Holidays to all dads out there.


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