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Let’s Party: Costume Ideas

Still need to pull together a costume for your little one? Here are some quick and easy ideas we found that might help give you some inspiration!

What could be more perfect for a little Bluenoser on Halloween than a Fisherman costume? If you don’t have a child sized fishing rod then a branch and some string would work too!


Look at this cute little snail. Grab some brown paper leaf bags and get to work!


It’s raining cats and dogs! So cute and easy to do if you have a some feline stuffies.


This Star Wars trio from The Nesting Spot is a great idea for a family…the adorable Yoda costume is by far our fave!


Love jellybeans? Grab a big plastic bag, some balloons and put this one together in a flash!


Ok, this DIY Pinata make take a little longer to make but it’s just too cute note to share!


Robert Munsch fans will love this Paperbag Princess and Dragon.


And finally, for any Blue Jays fans this is probably the easiest costume to pull together! Go Jays Go!



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