Monday, August 8, 2022
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Let’s Discover

Let’s Discover: Spewing Pumpkins

  Your average jack o’lantern is usually a cool face carved into a nice, big pumpkin (which is actually a fruit from the same plant family as cucumber and melon, by the way). We carve pumpkins at the Discovery Centre just like everyone else does, but sometimes we make something other than light come out of them. In fact, we ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Kitchen Science

  We often visualize science – chemistry especially – taking place in a laboratory filled with beakers and Bunsen burners. But really, you’ve got a chemistry lab right in your own home – the kitchen! There’s no better place for your kids to learn about chemistry than in a familiar environment and a great starting point is with starch. Starches ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: What Floats!

Halifax and Nova Scotia are defined by water – we’re surrounded by the ocean and countless lakes, rivers and streams. Most people see things that float in the water every day, but have you or your kids ever wondered how things float?  Find out through quick and easy experiments at home! To understand the ability to float (buoyancy), you need ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Astronomy

It’s a big world out there, and it’s our job at the Discovery Centre to help you “discover it”! And to help us do just that, we’re proud to introduce our new blog – Let’s Discover! In this blog, we will talk about interesting and fun science-based activities and ideas for you and your children. As Nova Scotia’s only hands-on ... Read More »

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