Monday, August 8, 2022
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Let’s Discover: Riding on Air

Despite a fairly limited number of useful real-world applications, just about everyone you meet will think hovercraft are cool. As it turns out, you can make a model hovercraft at home with very few materials needed, and Discovery Centre is here to tell you how. You will need: one CD or DVD (which you may not get back!), a balloon, ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Musical Straws

This month’s experiment from the team at Discovery Centre is a science centre classic, but be warned, this experiment may annoy parents! Materials: 1 (or more) straws A pair of scissors How to make: First, take a look at your straw. If it is a bendy straw, cut off the bendy bits along with the shorter straight piece. You only ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Bubble Snakes

Spring arrives this month.  Crawl out of hibernation and get outside for a bubbly experiment that won’t be a bust! Bubble snakes is an easy to do experiment made with readily available materials. You will need: Scissors A plastic beverage bottle (any size will do 250ml – 2L) Rubber band Thin Cloth (a rag, face cloth, or a thin sock) ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Lubby Dubby

With Valentine’s Day looming, we hear an awful lot about hearts in a figurative sense. In this month’s Let’s Discover!, we’ll listen to our hearts in the literal sense — by making stethoscopes. Materials: All you will need are a balloon, a pop bottle (2L or smaller) and some scissors. Instructions 1. Cut the bottom off of your bottle around ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Homemade Rockets

Have you ever wondered how to make rockets at home? This science experiment is a fun activity to do any time of year.  Do you have some old film canisters lying around your house? Here’s a way to tell your kids a little history about film, and a fun way to re- use film canisters. See how carbon dioxide bubbles ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Handmade Holiday Ice Cream!

Ah, December. Longer nights, shorter days, colder winds and the first real snow fall . But, what better month to use your science skills to make your very own ice cream? It might seem an odd time of year to make an icy treat but there is a good reason to choose a winter month for this activity: snow!  Making ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: A Change in Weather

Autumn quickly turns to winter in this part of the world, but that doesn’t necessarily just mean more grey days. The science of shifting weather is fascinating, and there is a fantastic activity for watching a part of that change that is normally invisible. In this month’s Let’s Discover, we will teach you how to build a barometer from household ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: The Warm Glow of Science

In this month’s Let’s Discover!, we are going to make water glow — or fluoresce, rather. You’ll need a few simple items and one special item: water, a washable highlighter or two, a container that can get dirty, some needle-nosed pliers and a black light. The black light is the least common, but they can be found in various forms ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Soapy Fireworks

With back-to-school barrelling toward us, this week’s Let’s Discover! experiment is one that often finds its way into elementary classrooms. It is colourful, fun, and has a built-in lesson on the science of keeping clean. All you will need is milk, liquid soap, food colouring, a plate (or bowl, or a pan) and a cotton swab. The “milky fireworks” experiment, ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Bouncing Slime

For August’s Let’s Discover!, we bring you a classic science centre experiment: slime that bounces! By combining some Borax, water and white glue, you can create a slime that hardens just enough to bounce when you drop it. To make your bouncing slime, there are four steps. First, dissolve as much Borax in water as you are able to. Borax ... Read More »

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