Friday, August 12, 2022
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Let’s Decorate

Let’s Decorate: Fab Nursery

It seems that everywhere I go lately I’m meeting new babies. There seem to be a lot of adorable bundles of joy coming into my life in some way or another. So of course it’s got me thinking about nurseries and all the adorable ways to decorate them.  Baby gear is always getting better…more functional, more stylish, and there are ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: Button Art

  I couldn’t resist sharing my most recent project this month, as it’s the perfect thing for kid’s rooms and playrooms. I love original art, but it’s often the price tag that keeps most of us away. So, although this is not an original oil on canvas, it’s still pretty special and one of a kind, and best of all it’s so ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: DIY Dresser

Most rooms that I decorate have at least one element that is a do-it-yourself (DIY) project of sorts. There seem to be 2 kinds of people out there – those who can’t get enough projects to tackle and those who are a little intimidated by the thought of doing something themselves for fear that it won’t turn out right. If ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: Easy Playroom Makeover

My playroom needs some serious sprucing up. Last year we finished our basement. When we began, it was only concrete – not even studs – and so in the end, we got a big new family room area and my girls were left with a huge room that is entirely their playroom, nothing else. Since the space used to be the family room ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: Controlling Stuffed Animals

Mom 1 – Stuffies 0  To try to decorate a kid’s space without talking about organizing is absolutely impossible. Our kids are little, cute, funny and we love them, but they come with a lot of stuff and no where to put it. The nemeses of most parents in the common situation of “too much stuff” are stuffed animals. They are probably one ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: For Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and every year I love to celebrate. I know that there are a lot of people out there who don’t get into this holiday – the thought is that it’s more of a “Hallmark holiday”. My take is that I can’t see how a day that celebrates telling people that you love them as a bad thing, ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: Simple Holiday Decor

The holiday season is a busy one, and though we may have the best intentions to decorate early, there are often lots of things that get in the way.  Tying up loose ends at work before the long Christmas vacation, finding time to stand in the never ending line at the post office to mail packages or shopping for the ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: A Holiday Wreath

Last week I started taking out my Christmas decorations.  I know it’s a little bit early, but I just can’t help it in the excitement of the season.  I came across a couple of wreaths that I’ve been using for a few years now, and I thought, what a great idea to create some new ones inspired by some of ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: For Your Guests

by guest blogger, Wendy Monaghan   Stores are in full tilt pulling out all their most dazzling Christmas and holiday decorations to get us all in the mood. Well, it’s working.  I’ve officially bought 4 Christmas gifts already, a task that I usually don’t start until after Halloween. For most of us Maritimers, Christmas not only means getting the house ready for ... Read More »

Let’s Decorate: For Fall!

by guest blogger, Wendy Monaghan Stepping out into the crisp air on the way to the bus stop in the mornings, there's no denying it anymore – full on fall is here.  I've officially retired the flip flops for the season and I'm trading in some of my summer décor for some cozy fall accents too.  You don't need to ... Read More »

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