Sunday, May 9, 2021
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But Mommm: The Talk

Now that our oldest is eight, bedtime snuggles have taken on a whole new meaning. In the past they were casual chats about our days and what we were going to dream about that night. Now bedtime has become the time when the deepest of thoughts and questions seem to come out. This was the case the other night after ... Read More »

But Mommm: Vacation

This has been the mother of all winters for us here in Nova Scotia. We’ve battled almost weekly storms and have been sinking deeper and deeper into winter’s grip. This year of all years we were happy to escape last week for March Break to a hot and sunny location. There was no snow to shovel or roof to clear ... Read More »

But Mommm: Sick & Tired

Well, it’s official! This year has gone down in our family history as the one with the most sickness, by far. Each of my boys and myself have all had multiple rounds of sickness. Even my hubby, with his usual ironclad immune system from a career in elementary schools, was brought down once this year. Colds, flus, ear infections, unusual ... Read More »

But Mommm: Being Away

After surviving a week long vacation without the kids recently, I couldn’t help but re-post this blog from our archives! I openly admit that I’m not a fan of being away from my kids for too long.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely more than a few times that I’ve counted the minutes until they are asleep or purposely tucked ... Read More »

But Mommm: Power of Connection

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest blogger Tracy Ashley.  As a self-employed grad from the Mount who married her high-school sweetheart and lives in a small rural community raising two young Minecraft loving boys – we’re confident she’s going to have a lot of great stories and thoughts. She’ll be sharing the mom blogger desk with (our beloved) Deanna ... Read More »

But Mommm: The Rush

I spend too much time rushing. Rushing to get out in the morning. Rushing to work. Rushing from meeting to meeting. Rushing to meet child care pick up times. Rushing to feed the kids. Rushing to get out the door to some kind of evening activity. Lately it feels like I am constantly watching the clock and trying not to ... Read More »

But Mommm: Sickness

Is it just me or we hearing about a lot of terrible illnesses lately? The news has been filled with stories of Ebola and Measles for a while now. I just read this weekend that there is an outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Madagascar. Tragically, here at home, Meningitis claimed the life of a local teenager and is suspected in ... Read More »

But Mommm: Technology

To technology or not to technology? That has been the question at every birthday and Christmas for the last two years. Since she was six and first exposed to iPods through friends, our daughter has had one at the top of every gift list (which we’ve ignored on every single gift giving occasion). Until this year. When the request for ... Read More »

But Mommm: The Equation

It’s a new year. School’s back in, my husband and I are back at work and this is the week that all of the new routines start that will set the tone for 2015. From what I’ve seen on social media, people seem to be up and down about setting resolutions. Some people do it, some people don’t. Others are ... Read More »

But Mommm: Spirit

My Director at work recently asked us all what we were most looking forward to over the holidays. The answer was the same for all of us – time. Time with our families, time without as many scheduled activities, time in the morning, no time commuting and time to just ‘be’. It’s amazing how big the word ‘time’ has become ... Read More »