Sunday, May 9, 2021
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But Mommm: Shopping with Kids

Shopping is hard enough at times, but holiday shopping with the kids in tow is in a league of it’s own. It’s going to start soon so we may as well be prepared – right?  Here’s a few tips to help get you through the aisles with a little more ease this season:
 The Set-up: Make sure your kids are in on the plan. Let them help you brainstorm gift ideas or map out the shopping route. Assign older children a name from your list and let them shop for the gift. They will love the responsibility and you’ll love the extra help.

Advance Notice: Before you hit the road let them know that this time the shopping is for other people and you likely won’t be buying anything for them. Preparing them in advance helps avoid a meltdown later.

Take a Fun Break: Although you may be aiming to just get in and out of the stores as fast as possible, you kids may appreciate it more if you include a few fun stops along the way. Make a deal that if you go to these 2 stores then you can stop for a hot chocolate after.  Create a secret handshake to do after each gift is crossed off your list or agree on a gumball from the machine after a certain time.


Bring Snacks: There’s no better distraction than a well-timed snack, but buying them on the go can be expensive and may not be as healthy. Pack a little bag of goodies from home, ideally ones that aren’t messy so you can avoid any sticky fingers on the merchandise. Don’t forget a water bottle too!
Spread the Spirit: It’s amazing how much compassion a child can have. Take some time to explain to your child the importance of sharing with those in need. Then allow her to pick out a toy for the toy drive or some items for the food bank.
Bring a friend: Adding more children to the mix may sound like an odd idea, but for some kids it could be the best plan you’ve ever had. They can keep themselves occupied together and you’ll have more time to focus on your shopping.
Hope these tips help to save you some time and stress this holiday season.  Happy Shopping!
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