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But Mommm: Routine


As two working parents, there are a very limited number of weeks per year that we get to spend as a family. Since our oldest started school, March Break has become one of those weeks. It was the same way when I was a kid – my parents would always take March Break off and we’d hit the ski slopes down in Maine for the week. I seem to remember having the option to go to Florida and Disney a couple of times but my brother and I always chose skiing.

I feel pretty lucky that my husband happens to enjoy skiing as well. All three of our kids have been on downhill skis since they were three and for the third year in a row, we just spent the week in Maine (one year at Sugarloaf and the last two at Sunday River).

The thing I love about skiing is that it is a true family activity. You’re outside, doing something together, getting exercise and have the time for some great chats on the chairlift between runs. We go on these vacations with other people (friends and family) and when we’re not skiing, we’re swimming, playing games and hanging out with friends. It has a real community feel to it and for the most part is free of screens.


Now here I sit – with lunch-making, backpack-packing and the office ahead of me tomorrow and I’m already missing the wonderful week we just shared with our kids. Sure there were tantrums, middle-of-the-night wake-ups and it’s a pile of work getting three kids geared up for skiing. With that being said, it was a week full of rosey-cheeked smiles and watching the kids hit some major confidence building milestones. Our three year old is now skiing on his own (no harness). Our five year old actually swam (doggy-paddled) her first lap of a pool unassisted while we were away and our seven year old skied her first black diamond runs. There’s something incredibly energizing and satisfying about watching your kids grow and succeed right before your eyes.

Wonderful weeks like this do make me jealous of my friends who are at home with their kids and those who are teachers and get to spend an extended time with their kids in the summer. Because I recognize that staying home or changing careers is not in the cards for me right now, I do try my very hardest to make the time that we do have together count. I hope they feel that. Sitting here right now I certainly feel it. March break will continue to be something I look forward to every year – for them it’s a break from school and for me, it’s a break from routine where I get to be full time Mom and nothing else. I will never take that time for granted.

For now though, all I can do is quote the early 90s Soul II Soul hit…“Back to life. Back to reality.”

21 weeks until summer vacation.

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