But Mommm: Happiness

by guest blogger, Katherine VanBuskirk

When I was thinking about what to write this week, I realized I hadn’t written a Thanksgiving post. I’m not sure why because I’m way too morbid to take much for granted.

It surprised me that I didn’t think to write about one of my favourite things – giving thanks. You see, my whole life I’ve had no choice but to stop and reflect on the lovely pleasures of life. My Mom is the kind of person who would interrupt whatever summer game was happening to call all the children over to the wild rose bushes at our cottage at least once every summer. She’s tell us to breathe deeply and soak in the sweet scent of summer and beach.

So it’s no surprise that most days at some point I find myself wrapped in warm thoughts of gratitude for this life I have somehow achieved – so far from “perfect” but perfect for me.

And like my wonderful Mom, while I marvel at the miracle of my children and all the gifts they bring me, I’m also be quite smitten with the smaller things.

So in honour of the Thanksgiving post I missed and in time for this holiday season, I give you some entries off my “happiness” list. Feel free share your own, because making a happiness list is happiness in itself.


– A basket of clean and folded laundry
– Sweet and salty
– Freshly shampooed baby hair
– Rubbing your eyes when you have no make-up on
– That first sip of coffee in the morning
– Taking a ponytail out at the end of the day
– The perfectly topped nacho
– A good conversation
– Kindred spirits
– Tiny fingers tracing my eyes and nose and mouth
– A challenge
– Sushi
– Gift cards
– Hats
– Lunch dates
– Hugs that knock you off your feet
– Savings accounts


Katherine VanBuskirk is a communications professional in Halifax. She is rarely without a latte, a list and at least one of her two children.