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Bringing Balance: Go Nuts!

Any almond-lovers out there in the HRM?  Well, go nuts! Almonds are an excellent food for any nut allergy-free household.  They are naturally high in antioxidants, healthy monounsaturated fat, protein, and many minerals, including manganese, calcium and magnesium.  They are portable and versatile, and make a great snack anytime.  Technically a seed, they usually get lumped in with the rest ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Feeding Healthy Eaters

This is a bit of a follow-up from my last Bringing Balance post, where I discussed the importance of persevering in your efforts as parents to raise healthy eaters.  I talked about leading by example, setting healthy patterns, and reinforcing good eating through praise and a little education.  Here are a couple of basic changes you can start implementing at ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: Easy Hummus

Special thanks to our "Bringing Balance" guest blogger, Wendy McCallum for this great kid-friendly hummus recipe.  Check out more of her recipes here   1 can chickpeas or 1.5 cups cooked chickpeas, well rinsed 1/4 cup water juice of one lemon 1 clove garlic 1/3 to 1/2 cup tahini 1 tsp salt Cumin to taste (I like cumin, leave it ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Eat Less Meat

April 22nd is Earth Day!  Did you know that one of the biggest positive impacts you can make for your planet (and your children’s future on it) is to choose to eat less meat?   Meat production accounts for about one-fifth of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.  It is also a major factor in deforestation and pollution, and freshwater ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: For the Love of Kale

To combine my last two posts on “Eating Local” and “Superfoods for Superkids”, let me introduce all you HRM families to kale, one of our all-star local superfoods! I love kale because it is nutritionally-packed and grows locally in abundance, as it actually prefers a cooler climate.  You can even grow it in the backyard or in a large planter ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Nutrition Month

March is Nutrition Month in Canada! This year’s theme is “From Field to Table”, with a focus on locally-grown food.  In the spirit of Nutrition Month, why not talk to your kids about the food on your table & work together to incorporate more whole, locally-grown food in your family’s diet?  Here’s why, in simple “kid-speak”, eating local is better: ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Superfoods for Superkids

In this week’s post, I am issuing my first HRM Simple Family Challenge, which will increase your family’s long-term health and wellness.  Up for the challenge?  Then read on! Superfoods are whole foods that do more than just provide energy — they also have the amazing power to turn regular kids into Superkids! A diet rich in Superfoods boosts immunity, ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Family Travel Snacks

by guest blogger Wendy McCallum   Hello HRM Parents! I am very excited to introduce myself to all of you who love this site as much as I do!  My name is Wendy McCallum, and I am a local nutritional & wellness consultant, founder of Simple Balance Consulting, and mother of two wonderful HRM kids.  This is the first of many ... Read More »