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Bringing Balance: Homemade Fudge Pops

From all of us at HRM Parent, we want to congratulate Wendy on the launch of her new cookbook, Real Food for Real Families. We are so thrilled that her super easy and always healty recipes will be used in home across the country! Way to go Wendy!   This summer, why not get into the habit of making your ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Salad Days

You may have gathered from my blogs that in the winter, we eat an awful lot of soup, because it’s comforting, quick, and an easy way to get a ton of veggies into our family’s diet.  But by right around now, our soup love is seriously waning, which is why I’m always so happy to see a wider variety of ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Grocery Store Tips

Here are some of my top tips for the grocery store: Cheddar cheese is not naturally orange! Milk is white, and so is natural cheddar cheese. If it’s orange, it’s been coloured, so why not choose the white stuff that tastes exactly the same? A word of caution: Always check the label, believe it or not I have found white ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Veggies for Earth Day

Have you been toying with the idea of starting Meatless Mondays at your house?  One of the biggest positive impacts you can make for our planet (and your children’s future on it) is to choose to eat less meat, and just one night of meat-free dining a week can really make a difference. Meat production accounts for about one-fifth of ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Tips for Picky Eaters

Have you got a particularly stubborn & “selective” eater?  In my experience, most of the time this is not due to a particularly picky palate or sensitive gag reflex, but rather a combination of a child’s fear of the unknown and desire for control. If that’s the case in your family, there are lots of creative ways to get your ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Fun & Healthy Easter Ideas

These days, any major holiday can easily turn into a sugary overload and result in cranky kids and depleted immune systems.  As you know, I’m not against the occasional treat, but the problem is, it’s not just Easter, it’s weekly birthday parties, Valentine’s, Christmas, end-of-year parties, start-of-summer parties, won-the-medal parties, made-the-BullySmart program parties, hockey’s over parties, and the list goes ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Better Breakfasts

Ever heard the expression “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”?  Itʼs actually pretty great advice, especially for school-aged kids.  Most kids leave the house early in the morning and donʼt return home until after 5 p.m. Thatʼs a long day, and while you likely do your best to pack a healthy lunch ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: A Fun & Healthy March Break

Are you sticking around the HRM this March Break?  Here are some fun ideas you can do as a family while providing your kids with a little healthy food education. Give a couple of them a try if you’re looking for something new to do! Daily Family Smoothies: There are loads of fun, delicious recipes on the internet: Let a ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Chickpea & Quinoa Tabbouleh

This one is for the moms and dads out there looking for a healthy, portable lunch option, although your kids just might surprise you and eat this too! It’s a delicious, nutritious, protein-packed lunch that stores and travels easily. Don’t skimp on the fresh herbs, they really make this dish! Ingredients: 1 c. quinoa, well-rinsed and drained 1 1/4 c. ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: No Cream of Mushroom Soup

  One Sunday morning after a far too-late Saturday night, I was feeling the need for a little comfort lunch food. I had a container of mushrooms and not much else in the fridge, and decided to concoct a vegan version of cream of mushroom soup. This one got a standing ovation from my daughter, so I thought I’d better ... Read More »