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Let’s Create: Spring Seeds!

It’s April 1st and it’s snowing!!  Ugh. We seriously can’t bring ourselves to post about any more snow time fun so have decided to start focusing on Spring time fun – even if it has to be indoors. Besides a little green in the house is just what we need to lift the spirits right about now so grab some ... Read More »

Time Well Spent: An Hour for the Earth

It’s Earth Hour tonight…and it’s always a winner in our books. Not only does it force your family to spend serious quality time together, but it helps the planet as well.  Doesn’t get much better than that! Earth Hour is tonight (March 29rd, 2014) at 8:30pm and we’re putting the challenge out to all our HRM Parents and families to ... Read More »

A Dad’s Life: Spring Bingo

Last night a person turned to me and said, ‘I hope we get one more big snow. I want to go skiing again before the season ends.’ While I politely smiled in my mind I thought, ‘Oh you are one of those people.’ It has been such a long winter, too long really. I lost the will to shovel three ... Read More »

Our Juicy News!

If you didn’t make it out to our event last night – here’s the scoop on our big announcements. We have loved managing HRM Parent for the last 3 years and take so much pride in the online community of local parents we have created. While our events calendars and blogs are what keep the site traffic going it’s the ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: Strawberry Cupcakes?

Pass on the chocolate and sweets tomorrow and try these adorable little strawberry “cupcakes” instead. A yummy Valentine treat that your little sweetheart will love! So easy too. Simply rinse and dry the strawberries. Trim the top to remove the stem/leaves, then cut a small piece from the bottom of the berry so it will stand upright.  Place a dollop ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: An Anniversary Dinner at Montana’s

  Happy Anniversary to us! We still can’t believe it’s been 3 years since Sean, Meghan and I took over HRM Parent. The time is flying and between the blogs, facebook posts and weekend wrap-up's, we’re having a blast. To celebrate we headed out for dinner with the kids and had such a great time that we wanted to share it with ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: jack-o-cracker

Quick and easy to make, these jack-o-crackers are a fun seasonal alternative to a cheese and cracker tray. Kids will love making them as much as eating them!     Ingredients: spreadable cream cheese orange food coloring raisins round crackers (we used Whole Grain Ritz) cucumber or green pepper   1. Mix the cream cheese with a small amount of ... Read More »

But Mommm: A Defining Moment

Couldn’t help by repost this blog from our archives. it’s from 2 years ago but am going through a similar thing with my youngest daughter. Different situation but same outcome. Maybe it’s just an age thing? My kids are still little.   The oldest will be starting school in the fall and the youngest isn’t long out of diapers.  Neither of ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: Pizza on the Grill

Check it folks, Roger Williamson, our favourite local BBQ-guy is back with this yummy recipe for pizza on the grill. There's nothing like fresh melted cheese on grilled dough!! This is making me hungry just looking at it.     Pizza. Yum. I learned over the summer to make great pizza on the grill. And there is something about a pizza made ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: Toast Cups

These toast cups are perfect for any parent who wishes they could make meals a little more fun but with no time to cut happy faces out of fruit or plate tuna casserole into the shape of a fish before it's served. They are so easy, cute and can be made ahead of time if necessary. Fill them with just ... Read More »