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Let’s Discover: Habits of the Heart

Have you been helping make Valentine cards for someone special (or the kids in your son or daughter’s playgroup)? Do you cross your heart when making a promise? Have you recently danced to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” in the car? Have you noticed that hearts are everywhere?! A long time ago, people thought emotions came from the heart, probably because ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Arctic Animals

Here in Nova Scotia, we experience four distinct seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter. Around the world you will find various climate patterns, but some are not as fortunate as us in Nova Scotia to have our cold winter balanced with a warm breezy summer. As humans, we are able to change our clothing to adapt to the daily climate. Animals ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Rad Science

Science is totally Rad and most of the sports and activities that we enjoy on an everyday basis are grounded in scientific principle. Our new Tony Hawk | Rad Science Exhibit highlights how physics and skateboarding are closely connected. In this month’s installment of Let’s Discover we will be investigating one of these scientific principles while completing a hands on ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Candy

The excitement is building towards Halloween and getting dressed up, and as parents, we know that this also means more candy than our little ones really need. It’s always a challenge to figure out what to do with leftover candy and to try and get your little ghosts and goblins on board with candy disposal. How about putting all that ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Sprouting Harvest Corn

The sound of rustling leaves, the smell of smoke from the fireplaces and the sight of leaves changing color are hallmarks of autumn. Without ears of Indian corn embellishing the décor in homes and businesses, the fall harvest season wouldn’t be complete. From wreaths to centerpieces, Harvest Corn seems to be everywhere in October and November. Everywhere – except on ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: A Glorious Mess

There’s nothing more fun than making a mess outdoors during summer’s lovely weather. So this month we are presenting a very contemporary experiment: the (in)famous Mentos and cola geyser. You will need bottles of pop (diet cola is a great starting point) and plenty of mints (Mentos are standard). Pop is fizzy because it has had carbon dioxide dissolved in ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Egg-citing Air Pressure

In the summer, I like to prep food ahead of time before the midday heat creeps in and makes the kitchen too hot to cook. Boiled eggs are one of those foods that are easy to make ahead of time. Rich in protein and nutrients, eggs are a hearty food. Besides their health benefits, they are also great tools to ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Dancing Raisins

This month we combine raisins and a carbonated drink for some uplifting science. What you need: A handful of raisins Tap water Fresh soda water A glass What to do: To start off, fill your glass to about 5cm from the top with regular tap water. Gently drop your raisins into the glass one at a time. Watch as the ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Riding on Air

Despite a fairly limited number of useful real-world applications, just about everyone you meet will think hovercraft are cool. As it turns out, you can make a model hovercraft at home with very few materials needed, and Discovery Centre is here to tell you how. You will need: one CD or DVD (which you may not get back!), a balloon, ... Read More »

Let’s Discover: Musical Straws

This month’s experiment from the team at Discovery Centre is a science centre classic, but be warned, this experiment may annoy parents! Materials: 1 (or more) straws A pair of scissors How to make: First, take a look at your straw. If it is a bendy straw, cut off the bendy bits along with the shorter straight piece. You only ... Read More »