Are We There Yet?: Walkaway Program

You come to work one Wednesday morning after following your same morning routine. But it isn’t like every Wednesday morning because when you get to work, your boss asks to see you right away. It isn’t even 9AM yet. Then she and someone you’ve only heard of from human resources lays it on you – the company is downsizing your department, and you are being laid off.

You have a teenage daughter who is out of control, failing school, and as a result you feel like your world is falling apart. You are depressed, stressed, and getting up in the morning to go to work is a nightmare.

You’re wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is going to require extensive medical care, while you work full time, and have 2 children to care for. If only you could take a leave, but you have to pay your bills.

Your mother’s MS has progressed rapidly and because of this, physically she no longer can drive. But she just bought this car 3 years ago and still has another 2 years of payments.
Bad things happen to really great people every day and it sucks.

Situations like these can set people back years, emotionally and financially. We recognized the need to help when our customers came to us looking for help in relieving them of their car debt. Therefore, O’Regan’s partnered with a company called WALKAWAY, established in 1999 in Canada.
If you have never heard of Walkaway, take note. This protection relieves consumers from financing shortfalls on their vehicles when a life-changing event prevents them from making their payments. There are multiple products with varying levels of coverage which may include events such as job loss, temporary disability, self-employment bankruptcy, accidental death, medical loss of driver’s license, mental disability, etc.
This product protects everyone. As a Walkaway dealer, we have taken back many vehicles, from many people in distress, for many different reasons. To date, Walkaway has settled over $2.8 MILLION of O’Regan’s customer debts.
My mother always says, ‘you just never know’. Never was there a more true statement. You really DON’T know what the future holds. Because I have seen this help so many of our customers, I, along with my husband, my parents, and my sister included this protection on our vehicle financing. I can only hope that none of us ever have to use it, but I know I feel much more comfortable with what may lie ahead knowing my loved ones are well protected.
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