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Are We There Yet? Road Trip Fun

Ahhhhh Road Trips.  There’s nothing like a good road trip to bring the family together…or not! Multiple pee breaks, car sickness, back seat fights and more. No matter how far you’re going or who’s going with you, we hope these ideas will help make sure your next road trip is “time well spent” for everyone.


Bingo – plan ahead for this one.  Buy or download and print travel bingo cards for everyone then have fun trying to make a line, X or four corners with all the things you see while you’re on the road.

Guess Who? – Someone thinks of a person, place or thing and everyone takes turns asking questions that can only be answered with yes or no.  20 questions max!

License to Fun – using the letters of another car’s license plate have the gang create phrases to match.  For example, WNU could be “wear new underwear” or “worms never understand”.  Keep going until you run out then move on to the next car’s plate.

I Spy – this classic game is always a hit with the younger ones.  Play it based on things you spy inside or outside the car and be sure to take a few guesses before spotting the real thing to make for more giggles.

Trivia Time – before you leave, grab the quiz cards from your Cranium, Trivial Pursuit or other board games and award a point for each correct answer. 15 points gets you a winner.

Tour Guides – once you know the cities and areas you’ll be passing through, assign one to each traveler (who’s old enough) and have them do some prep-work to find out cool facts and history about it.  As you’re driving through each city, have the designated tour guides share what they learned.

Solo Activities – not every moment of your road trip has to be filled with fun and games so be sure to block off a little “quiet time” to relax and enjoy the view.  Books, iPods, DVD players, magazines, art supplies, comics and puzzles are all perfect ways to keep each child busy without too much noise.

Pit Stops – do some pre-trip research to find skate parks, playgrounds and walking trails along your route.  Nothing breaks up a long trip more than having time to stretch the legs and grab some fresh air.  If it keeps everyone happy, it’ll be well worth the extra time it might add to your plans.

Snacks and a Cooler Bag – you can never have too many snacks, but be sure to pack lots of healthy ones too.  Sandwiches, apples, oranges, pears, grapes, snow peas, nuts, tiny tomatoes, carrot and celery sticks all travel well in storage containers or bags.  Reusable water bottles for everyone are a must and a few sweet or salty treats are always good for keeping the peace in a pinch.

 Safe Travels!

Visit O’Regan’s Kia Dartmouth at 402 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth or oreganskiadartmouth.com for all your family’s automotive needs. Amanda Morvan, General Manager, is mother to 2 school age children, and partner to her husband who attends college full time.

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