Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Weekend Wrap-up: April 21-22

It's another weekend jam-packed with fun activities for HRM families! Go here for a complete list of everything that's going on, we can only highlight a few things in the wrap-up! 1. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is back! Help beat a Guinness World Record by joining the HRM cloth diapering community on Saturday in the Shambhala School Gymnasium at noon to see how many babies can have their cloth diaper changed at once! You need to register for this event so they have accurate numbers. 2. The first running event of the Youth Running Series is on Saturday, Storm the Park. There are races for kids of all ages. 3. Viewfinders wraps up this weekend. There are some workshops in stop motion animation and screenings of the semi-finalist and finalist films. 4. There will be an Art Show and Sale Saturday and Sunday. A variety of art work by local artists (Nora Gross, Renee Forestall, Anna Syperek, Susan Paterson, Tom Forestall, Ron Hazell and Golumba Kim) at affordable prices will be available for purchase at St. Agnes Church Auditorium. 5. Celebrate Earth Day by celebrating our clean water and air with the Earth Day Picnic on the Commons . Snacks, games, and good conversation! Bring your family and friends, picnic blanket, frisbees, kites, and other toys. Snacks to share are welcome, but not necessary. This is a free event welcoming anyone who wants to enjoy some fresh air and fun together, and will include: picnic spaces, family friendly games, snacks, music and more.