Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Our Juicy News!

If you didn’t make it out to our event last night – here’s the scoop on our big announcements.

We have loved managing HRM Parent for the last 3 years and take so much pride in the online community of local parents we have created. While our events calendars and blogs are what keep the site traffic going it’s the emails and messages we receive from parents on a daily basis that keep us so motivated.

One of our favourites was from a mom with an autistic child who wrote to us for help as she was struggling to find suitable places to take him in the city where they would both feel comfortable.  We posted her question on our wall (anonymously, of course) and within minutes the responses were rolling in.  Suggestions of things to do, places to go, information on group drop-ins and even a few play-date offers from other parents of autistic children who knew what she was going through. We were overwhelmed how that one simple Facebook post could provide so much help and it was only then that we realized just how beneficial a resource like HRM Parent is to so many local parents.

That’s also when we knew we had to start growing our business and offer the same resources and support in other cities. We know there are so many other areas that could benefit from such a hyper-local resource but the first step in our process was to develop a brand that would easily grow along with us.

So….(drum roll please) we are so excited to be changing our name to Urban Parent. Don’t worry, we’ll still be offering all the same great content and information but with a great new site, additional blogs and more.

Why Urban Parent?  We love the new brand and all that it stands for. Yes, “urban” in the way that it’s all about your city and the local events and information that is relevant to you. But it’s “urban” in a fresh and exciting way too. Urban Parents are those who love their city, their neighbourhood, their community and take pride in sharing and exploring it with their family. They are raising their kids to have the same appreciation for all things local. They want to stay connected with other parents and share in the same passion we have for building strong local communities.

We unveiled the new look at our Discovery Centre event last night and received great feedback from so many parents. The changes will all be pretty seamless so there’s nothing required on your end – other than to bookmark (although will redirect you to this new site). Our current social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) page names will be renamed Urban Parent so all you have to do is keep an eye out for us in your feeds.

In addition, we’re also really excited to announce that as of tomorrow, you can tune into The Wave 89.9 every Friday morning at 7:50am to hear us talk about some of the events featured in our famous weekend wrap-up.  We’re kicking things off with a focus on March Break so set your dial and have a listen.

We want to thank you so much for all your support and contributions to date! It’s going to be an exciting ride for us and we’re glad to have you on board.