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Let’s Decorate: A Holiday Wreath

Last week I started taking out my Christmas decorations.  I know it’s a little bit early, but I just can’t help it in the excitement of the season.  I came across a couple of wreaths that I’ve been using for a few years now, and I thought, what a great idea to create some new ones inspired by some of my clients and their homes that I’ve worked in over the past year.  After letting my facebook fans know I was working on this project, I was asked for tips on how to make a wreath.  So here it is: my guide to creating your own unique holiday wreath.

Start with a base – this doesn’t have to be a basic green wreath, it can be anything.  Think outside the box, maybe it can be a round mirror that you embellish the way you would a traditional wreath, it could be a styrofoam ring wrapped in yarn or fabric, then decorated with accessories.  Anything goes, get creative.

Express your style – A wreath is like the jewellery on the exterior of your home.  The first impression of your home should be a little hint of what’s inside.  The wreath and the inside of your home could relate to each other through a small accessory or detail, colour, or through something you enjoy – that speaks to your personality.  For example, I’ve decorated one wreath with cookie cutters, for the baker and lovely baking smells inside.

Choose an anchor – choose one thing that is the center piece or the statement and then add smaller accents around it and to compliment it.

Choose 2-3 colours – Stick to a simple colour scheme.  Choosing 2 or 3 will let the beauty of your “anchor piece” shine through without distracting, yet still have enough colour to be interesting and cheerful.

Add a beautiful ribbon – I almost always have ribbon on my wreaths, really beautiful ones; satin, velvet, wide ribbon.   It adds a little luxury and elevates any wreath.

Take a look at the wreaths that I’ve decorated so far this year.  I hope you’re inspired to create something that reflects your unique style. To find out more about these wreaths or having me create one for you, just contact me, I’d love to help!
Wendy Monaghan, Interior Decorator and owner of Link Interiors, creates homes where life and style co-exist with flair. She believes that a functional space allows families to have more quality time together and that children and all of their stuff can live in a beautiful home. She is the mother of 2 fabulous HRM girls, aged 8 & 5.  For more information or to contact Wendy, visit her website,

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