Friday, February 26, 2021
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Let’s Create: Tissue Box Bunny Basket

Special thanks to Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy ) for another great Easter craft just in time for the long weekend!

You’ll need:

tissue box

white paint & a paint brush

black marker or black paint

googly eyes, pompom or cotton ball, and a button

pipe cleaner

card stock



Paint tissue box white.  Then, use one end of the box to create a face.  Glue on googly eyes and a button nose, and draw or paint a mouth and whiskers.

Glue a pompom onto the opposite end of the box.  This is the bunny’s tail.

To make the basket handle, use a hole punch to make a hole on each side of the box.  Thread a pipe cleaner through the holes and secure the ends by twisting.

To finish… cut out bunny ear shapes, fold the bottom to make a little tab, and glue onto the box

That’s it!  The only thing left to do is fill your adorable basket with yummy Easter goodies.


Gina is a stay at home mom who spends her time on adventures with her 3 young boys, running her craft business and inspiring other mothers through her blog.