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Let’s Create: Spring Seeds!

It’s April 1st and it’s snowing!!  Ugh. We seriously can’t bring ourselves to post about any more snow time fun so have decided to start focusing on Spring time fun – even if it has to be indoors. Besides a little green in the house is just what we need to lift the spirits right about now so grab some supplies and let’s get growing!  You can start lots of different seeds this way but our favourites are small flowers, tomatoes and herbs.

You’ll need:

  • Seeds
  • Soil
  • Eggshells
  • Egg carton
  • Spoon


1. When preparing egg shells be sure to crack them near the top so that majority of the shell is intact.  Try saving them from the week’s baking and cooking so you have lots to work with.  Just the same, you can use pretty much anything from your recycling bin to plant your seeds in – like the bottom of a milk or juice carton, or plastic yogurt and butter containers.

2. With eggshells placed in egg carton add a small amount of soil to the bottom of each shell.

3. Add 1-2 seeds in each shell.  More if you’re using larger containers – just make sure they are nicely spaced to give them room to grow.

4. Cover with more soil and press down slightly to fill the shell.  Add some water then place them in a sunny spot and watch them grow.

They will start to germinate in about 7-10 days depending on the type of seed you choose. Once they are a little bigger you will need  to transplant them into larger pots. Once the risk of frost is over and the warmer weather is here to stay you can move to even larger pots outdoors or your garden.  Just make sure it’s a sunny spot so they can flourish.

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