Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Let’s Create: Shades of Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and our Shades of Love craft will have the kids seeing red – in a good way!



– colored construction paper or cardstock

– red transparent paper (we found it at DeSerres on Barrington)

– heart shaped cookie cutter

– pipe cleaners

– tape

– decorations – stickers, markers, glitter etc

– scissors and a hole punch (if you have one)


1. Use the cookie cutter to trace two hearts on the paper spaced approximately ¾ inch apart.

2. Connect the hearts with two lines to make the bridge of the glasses.  Use the scissors to cut out the whole template.


Cut two smaller circles out of each heart to make the eye holes (it’s a good idea to hold it up to your child’s eyes first to make sure you choose the right areas to cut)

Cut small squares out of the transparent paper big enough to cover each hole.  Tape them to the back of the glasses so they cover each hole.


Turn your glasses over and decorate as desired


Cut a pipe cleaner in half and curl the ends


Use the hole punch (or scissors) to make a small hole on each side of the glasses.  Insert the straight end of the pipe cleaner pieces in the holes and wrap around to secure.


Adjust the curled end of the pipe cleaners to fit your child’s face and ENJOY!

 Be sure to snap a photo of your child in their Shades of Love and share it with us on our Facebook page!