Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Let’s Create: “Hand-made” Flowers

My oldest daughter made one of these spring flowers at school a few days ago and was so excited to show it to me because she thought it would be a good craft to put on HRM Parent.  How sweet is that?

I happily obliged and earlier tonight we all sat around the kitchen table and she walked us through the steps to make them – enjoying every moment of being "the teacher" of course! 

We all had a good time and she was right, they are perfect for the blog.  Here are her exact instructions so you can make your own fun and easy flowers:


Things you'll need:

–  Construction paper

–  Scissors

–  Tissue Paper

–  Pipe cleaners

–  Pencil

–  Tape


Step 1: Pick your favourite coloured piece of paper.  Lay your hand on top of the paper with your fingers opened up.  Use the pencil to draw around it.   Do it again with your other hand. (Some adults might only need to do one hand and really little kids could do three hands)


Step 2: Use the scissors to cut out the hands but be careful not to cut your real fingers!

Step 3: Use a piece of tape to stick a pipe cleaner to the bottom of one hand. You might need to use two pieces of tape to make sure it stays.


Step 4: Pull the sides of the hand up around the pipe cleaner so it comes together (to make a cone shape at the bottom).


Step 5: Take the other paper hand and do the same thing as you just did with the other hand (to form another cone).


Step 6: Put the second one inside the first one and use a piece of tape to make them stick together.


Step 7: Cut some big squares out of the tissue paper.  It's nice to pick a colour that is different from your flower. Crumple them up and push them down inside the flower.


Step 8: Make sure the scissors are closed and use them to curl the fingers of the hand so they make petals.  But be gentle so they don't rip.

Make as many as you want in different colours for a lovely Spring bouquet!