Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Let’s Create: Pencil Pizzaz

Whether your kids are heading to school next week or still a few years away from a classroom, they will love these fun ways to add some pizzaz to their pencils. 


Foam Pencil ToppersThis is a cute and creative ways to add life to the top of your pencil. Who knows what your child will come up with?


Fun with Felt:  These house and car pencil toppers from One Crafty Mumma take a little extra time and will need your help but are worth it for how adorable they are!


Pinwheel Pencils:  the kids may not want to use these as pencils after they transform them into these classic pinwheels.



Buddies: These little pals are great for keeping kids company while doing homework.



Names and Letters: the kids will have fun using alphabet beads to really personalize their pencils with their name or favourite words.  Check it out here


Flower Power:  these are quick and easy to make with just some fancy paper and sticky tape.



Be Mine:  These conversation hearts are too cute to just use on valentine’s day.  Of course, the kids can always use different shapes and messages to add to the fun.


Painted Pencils:  With a little paint, Martha Stewart transforms simple pencils into ones with lots of personality.  Use different styles and colors for each subject to add to the fun.