Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Let’s Create: Gift Bags

Loot bags, treat bags, trinket bags – these step-by-step instructions can be used to make gift bags for just about anything you can imagine.  They are fun and easy to make and can be personalized with different styles of paper.


1. Cut a rectangle shape out of paper roughly 3 times the size of the finished bag. 


2. Fold short ends toward the middle so they overlap slightly.


3. Use a glue stick to secure the overlapping edges.



4. Fold both long sides in (about 1/6 of the full size) and press along edge to create fold lines. 


5. Open back up and fold inwards so that the outside fold lines meet and press to create sides of the bag.  



6. Fold bottom of the bag up about 1/4 of the full size and press along edge to create fold line. 



 7. Unfold and open back up to create a square box shape.



 8. Fold sides of square towards the centre so it looks like this:


9. Fold pointed edges towards the centre so they overlap and glue to secure.


10. Use decorative scissors or a hole punch with ribbon to finish the top edge of your bag. Add stickers or labels for even more personalization.