Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Let’s Create: Fun on the Moon


In celebration of the anniversary of the very first moon landing by Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969 check out these fun outer-space inspired crafts:


Mars Rover: How cool would it be to drive around on Mars?  Your kids can pretend to with this awesome Mars Rover craft from Looledo .  Even better that it’s made from recycled household products.


Space Ship: This one requires a few more supplies but is worth it for the fun that will be had with such a cool craft .  Bring it on your next camping trip and hang it in the tent or from a tree.



Be an Astronaut: Check out this video for a fast and easy Astronaut costume to let your child’s imagination fly through space.


Crater Cake: Have your crater and eat it too!  The kids will love helping with this lunar baking project . Use other decorations to make your crater even more unique.


Get Glowing: An out-of-this-world design using potatoes and glow in the dark paint. These instructions use a t-shirt but don't let the fun stop there…apply the same technique to a bag, blanket, jeans and more!