Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Let’s Create: Fancy Pantsy Spiders


I’ve been promising my kids that we could make a Halloween craft for a little longer than I want to admit, but tonight, I was finally able to follow through.  With cookie selling, dance classes, birthday party planning, making costumes and a cold that took a few of us off the grid for a few days – it’s been a busy month so far.  I’m sure there are more than a few of you who can relate!?

Nevertheless, as we giggled our way through playing with googly eyes, told stories about our day as we painted and got a little too silly making up other uses for the pipe cleaners, I was reminded again how important it is to make the time.  

So even though the girls have named these little guys Fancy Pantsy Spiders, I’ve secretly called them Reminder Bugs. 

Make them yourself and enjoy the fun!

For one spider you’ll need:

1 Medium size Styrofoam ball

4 Fancy thick pipe cleaners (we found ours at the Dollar store)

1 thin orange or red pipe cleaner

2 Googly eyes

Black Paint


Paint brush


Paper plate

Wooden skewer


To make the spider:

1. Cover entire styrofoam ball with paint.  To avoid too much mess we put the ball on a paper plate and used a wooden skewer placed in the ball as a handle for easier painting.  Let dry.

2. Cut each of the 4 thick pipe cleaners in half to make 8 legs. Bend each leg at the middle and push into sides of the spider.

3. Glue on the eyes.

4. Cut a small piece of the thin pipe cleaner for the mouth and bend each end and push into the ball to secure.

5. My daughter suggested we make a web out of yarn as a home for these so we’ll see how that goes over the weekend!