Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Let’s Create: Campsite Crafts

Things are looking up for the weather this weekend and there’s only one day left before you can kick back relax, and enjoy the unofficial start of camping season! 

While you’re packing the van be sure to throw in some supplies like glue, paper, scissors, paint and markers for these fun and easy outdoor crafts:


 Rockin’ Fun:  this one is great for the kids but we think you’ll enjoy it too!   Go on an adventure and find some cool rocks. Look for different shapes and sizes then use your imagination and some paint or markers to turn them into something fun – a ladybug, monster, peace sign, your name, a happy face, baseball and more.


Sand Art:  if you’re near a beach, grab some glue and construction paper and let the kids imaginations go wild using the glue to create a cool design or picture.  Cover the paper with sand and leave it to dry for a bit.  Shake off remaining sand and enjoy your masterpiece.



Tic-Tac-Toe:  Find some even sized sticks to create a tic-tac-toe grid, or use a stick to draw one on the ground.  Use leaves, pine cones or rocks as X’s and O’s and spend the afternoon enjoying the classic game that everyone can play.



Birch Bark Canoe:  the kids will love making and floating this tiny canoe and have a great keepsake of your long weekend! 




Tree Rubbing:  if you have an art-loving child, be sure to check out this cool craft.  Add in a discussion on the different types of trees, leaves, colors and textures and you’ll have a fun and educational afternoon outside.