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I’m Hungry: Perfect Summertime Steak

Back by popular demand, our favourite BBQ'er and fellow HRM Parent, Roger Williamson stirkes again with the low-down on how to prepare a perfect summer steak. Yum!  For more of Roger's great BBQ recipes simply search for "Fall River BBQ Guy" on our site.
Summer is here and that’s when a man’s thoughts turn to outdoor fires, BBQ, beers and along with that…steak. I am sure you have been to friends houses where folks slather on BBQ sauce and fire whatever steaks they have right onto the BBQ and probably leave it for a little too long. My question for these folks is, have you ever been to a steak house or a restaurant that served you a steak with BBQ sauce on it? No, you haven’t. That is no way to treat a fine piece of steak.
Cooking a great steak is easy, and once you learn these 3 simple rules.
First rule of Steak Club is no BBQ sauce. Ever. If you want to throw some HP or BBQ sauce or even better some horseradish on the side after the cooking is done, that’s fine.
Pick a nice cut of steak, my favorite is Rib Eye (called Rib steak or even sometimes Del Monico), Striploin (sometimes called New York Strip or just Strip), and as well Tenderloin (or Filet Mignon). Or the combination of the Striploin and Tenderloin with the Bone in is called the T-Bone. Bone -in versions are the best for grilling, if you can get them.
Second rule of Steak Club is seasoning. Take the steak out of the fridge 45 min before grilling, for 2 reasons. First you want to get the steak to room temperature before hitting the grill, and second you want to season it. With respect to seasoning, you can add a steak rub, fresh garlic, salt and pepper. My latest favorite is just salt, not the ionized table salt…that will make it too salty. Find yourself some ground sea salt and sprinkle both sides of the steak liberally. This is important, you must leave it for 40 minutes, any less and the salt will just draw out juices from the steak, around the 20 minute mark the seasoned juices start to re-absorb into the meat.
The importance of just using a “dry” seasoning like a rub or salt is that any sauce based seasoning or marinade will prevent the steak from searing (that lovely golden brown sheen that adds flavor)
Third rule of Steak Club is high searing heat. Heat your grill to High, as hot as you can get it. Try to hit over 500, depending on your grill this may take 10 to 15 min. Throw on the steaks and close the cover for 2.5 minutes, rotate 90 degrees to get those nice X marks and leave for another 2.5 min with the cover closed.
Flip the steaks for the only time. Leave on the new side for 3 min. Move the steaks off of the direct high heat move to an area of the grill that does not have the burner or coals on. 
This is where experience will come in, I like my steaks about an inch thick or more. At this point the steaks should be rare, if you like them that way take them off. I like mine medium rare, so I will leave on the grill for another 3 minutes or so. The way I tell if they are done is not by poking or slicing, but by the nice juicy sheen that appears on the top of the steak. Once I see this I know it is a medium rare to medium.
Finish with some fresh ground pepper on top, a grilled new potato on the side or a Caesar salad, even some mushrooms and onions.
Good luck and happy grilling!
Roger Williamson is a professional technology geek, a father of 3 and an avid live fire cooking enthusiast who spends his free time in Fall River cooking outside.  For any questions about your BBQ adventure, email: